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Uki Honey

Uki Honey has a great natural taste and has no additives or preservatives. We simply package this great natural taste in its pure form. Uki honey benefits producers in Kenya and Tanzania.

Quantities & Price: 

1kg – Kes 600

500g – Kes 300

150g – Kes 200

Mango Concentrate

Enjoy the sweet taste of pure mango concentrate, which can be diluted to your taste for juice or used widely in chutneys, jams, and anything else you can imagine. No additives or preservatives added. 

Quantities & Price

3L – Kes 600

1L – Kes 300

500ml – Kes 150

Pruna Bark

The natural, unprocessed bark of the Prunus Africana tree helps in maintaining a healthy prostate in men, in turn preventing prostate-related illnesses in men and ovarian cancer in women.


Quantities & Price

1kg – Kes 1,000

500g – Kes 500

Moringa SuperLeaf

This “superfood” has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties among many other health benefits. Moringa beats orange in vitamin C, beats bananas as a source of potassium, and offers you more calcium than yogurt.


Quantities & Price

400g – Kes 1,000

200g – Kes 500

100g – Kes 250