Our Approach

We are last mile implementers of large-scale, high quality, carbon offset projects for the benefit of rural communities, the profit of all stakeholders and the preservation of our planet

Entire Value Chain Approach

Akili Group implements entire value chain interventions, that is:

  • organisation
  • institutionalisation
  • practical learning
  • credit facilitation
  • technical assistance
  • tools and mechanisation

— with a view to empowering members of rural communities to implement economically sustainable activity. In an entire value chain designed production activity, profit is realised and shared equitably at every level of the programme. 

Achieving Long-Term Change

An entire value chain focus examines every aspect of an intended value chain, and institutionalises the mechanisms for overcoming all identified challenges. Akili, therefore, works with members of the respective community, social development partners, research institutions and government to address the plethora of challenges that contribute to the endemic cycles of poverty that define our rural areas: loss-making production, environmental degradation, rural-urban migration, hygiene, health and practical application of knowledge.

Improved Quality of Life

With improved techniques, contractual assurances and profit, Akili Community members stimulate rural economies and bring about greater prosperity, education & health to rural areas: the key to lasting economic security for themselves and their families. Since 2010, we have established ourselves as a leader in creating and adding value in rural communities.

Our Partners

By partnering with us in our carbon offsetting efforts, you get involved in climate mitigation for a greener tomorrow.

Our Communities

The first Akili Community was born in Kangema, in Murang’a County. 

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