The Akili  Team

We are a community driven by a shared purpose and a commitment to excellence. From visionary leaders who chart our course to the creative minds who bring ideas to life, and the hardworking individuals who ensure our daily operations run smoothly – each member plays a crucial role in our collective journey

The Akili Group Headquarters Team

The Akili Group Headquarters Team is responsible for sourcing and maintaining partnerships and facilitating management across the entire Akili organization.

The eTransact Team

The eTransact Team develops, enhances and deploys the eT system at the individual, aggregation centre, value addition and market levels. Information from the eT system is consolidated in a national portal (link to portal).

Field Team

Akili’s field management team is diverse, comprising extension workers, agronomists, agricultural infrastructure specialists, researchers, engineers and logistics management professionals. Their goal, combined is one: to facilitate efficient production at every member farm.

Our Partners

By partnering with us in our carbon offsetting efforts, you get involved in climate mitigation for a greener tomorrow.

Our Communities

The first Akili Community was born in Kangema, in Murang’a County. 

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