The Agroforestry Value Chain

The agricultural revolution saw the endless cutting of forests, exploitation of water resources and the neglect of wildlife. Doing so has led us to today’s climate change emergency, characterized by an unstable climate unable to support any agricultural efforts put forth by our farmers. WIth little yield coming to feed a growing population, comes slow economic growth and a nation unable to feed itself.

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Planted trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in its trunk for thousands of years

Enter, agroforestry. Agroforestry is characterized by introducing trees to a piece of farm land to help enrich the soil, and protect the growing crops. The results are increased crop health and yield. This, a feature of regenerative farming, encourages the plants to sequester carbon from the air and feed it to the soil. 

Additionally, the planted trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in its trunk for thousands of years.

The Opportunities in the Agroforestry Value Chain

Agroforestry helps solve a pressing and urgent problem through its contribution to climate change mitigation and direct impact on farmers in crop production and yield. Currently, Akili has developed a system of working in and with communities in the identification of huge hectares of land to plant trees on. Backed by community sourced, yet skilled farmers producing high quality seedlings to support the initiative, this venture is scalable. 

Throw in the carbon earning aspect from the trees planted, this value  chain demonstrates huge potential for sustainability for a long period of time. Currently engaged in a carbon credit, community involved afforestation project, we already have an existing model to ensure profit and value for all our stakeholders and investors.

Invest in a Sustainable Future!
An investment in an Agroforestry project won’t just yield financial returns; it will sow the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable future for all. 

Potential for sustainability

With a robust sustainability strategy that includes carbon offset initiatives such as afforestation projects, our value chain exhibits immense potential for long-term environmental and financial viability. Our ongoing participation in carbon credit programs and community-driven afforestation projects serves as a proven model, delivering both profitability and shared value to our stakeholders and investors.