Q. What does your day-to-day look like in the energy – efficient cookstove production department?

 As a manager, I’m deeply involved in the production process. You’ll often find me working alongside my team, molding and firing liners in our traditional kiln. I believe in leading by example and being hands-on, ensuring that we maintain our high standards of quality and productivity in the creation of energy – efficient cookstove production department.

Q. How has your experience been working in a male-dominated department as a manager?

Initially, it wasn’t easy, given the physical differences and stereotypes. But I’ve learned to navigate this by being assertive and showing that I’m just as capable as anyone else on the team. Over time, they’ve come to see me as a valuable member and leader.

Energy Efficient Cookstoves

Energy Efficient Cookstoves Productions Team

Q. How do you believe your work with energy – efficient cookstoves is making a difference in the lives of rural families?

Our energy – efficient cookstoves not only reduce pollution and firewood consumption but also have the potential to save lives. Having witnessed firsthand the health impacts of traditional cooking methods, I’m driven by the knowledge that our work could prevent similar tragedies for other families.

Q. You mentioned that you’ve been a witness to the health impacts of traditional cooking methods. Would you mind shedding a bit of light on what you mean by this?

Yes, of course. My Aunt was a huge influence on me growing up, and I loved her dearly. However, she ended up dying of Lung Cancer, because she used the three stone cooking method. This was a huge shock to me, but it allowed me to learn that the three stone cooking method is very dangerous to human life.

These energy- efficient cookstoves, as much as they are for protecting and preserving the environment and combating climate change, they are also saving lives of the minority – our women.

Energy - efficient Cookstoves

A woman coughs amidst smoke from traditional three-stone cooking. A stark reminder of daily struggles.

Q. Can you share any success stories or moments of impact that stand out to you in your work?

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Akili Group is getting to witness the numerous employment opportunities that are created for Kenyan youth. Many of them have expressed how Akili Group has been an answered prayer, providing them with not just a job but also valuable skills and growth opportunities.

Q. How do the little things make a difference in the workplace?

Small gestures like providing lunch – which is something Akili Group does – may seem insignificant, but they make a big difference in boosting morale and productivity. This is something that Akili Group does for our team. It shows that the organization cares about our workers’ well-being and creates a positive work environment.

I’ve witnessed how the attitudes of people changed positively just by the introduction of lunch. Workers were motivated to work longer hours, put their best foot forward, simply because they felt valued.

Q. How do you envision the future of energy – efficient cookstove production and its impact on rural areas?

I see us expanding our production capabilities to reach more communities and improving the efficiency of our energy efficient cookstoves continuously. Our goal is not just to provide a product but to make a lasting difference in the lives of rural families across Kenya.

This lasting difference translates into the reduction of deforestation, protecting the lives of people, encouraging biodiversity and creating a positive change in habit that lasts for generations.

Energy - efficient Cookstoves

Rural women rejoice as they embrace energy-efficient cookstoves, transforming daily life with cleaner, healthier cooking.

Q. Do you have a role model or inspiration?

My Aunt was a significant inspiration to me, always putting others before herself. I strive to emulate her compassion and generosity in everything I do. Additionally, Wanjeri’s – the Communications Head of Department – guidance and resilience during tough times have also inspired me along my journey.