In a world where every action counts towards fostering sustainable development and empowering farming communities, the Zinga Project shines as a beacon of hope and progress. Launched on December 1st, 2023, in partnership with Corekees, this initiative marks a transformative leap in farmer empowerment through beekeeping in our targeted communities.

At the core of the Zinga Project lies our profound dedication to empowering farmer communities and preserving our precious environment. Key to its success is the distribution of the Akili Langstroth beehives, meticulously designed to maximize honey production while ensuring the well-being of our invaluable bee pollinators.

The Zinga Project

Community Support Officer, Catherine Njoki, co-ordinating the distribution of cookstoves

Since its inception, the Zinga Project has made waves of impact across the agricultural landscape in Mt Kenya regions. Within a space of four months, we have been able to distribute a total of 441 beehives to 17 farmer groups. Out of these beneficiaries, 378 have been trained.

These numbers tell a story of tangible change and burgeoning hope and demonstrate our commitment to empowering farmer communities.

The Zinga Project

Martha Wanjiku, Expert Agronomist and Catherine Njoki, Community Support Officer, training farmers on beekeeping

“Beekeeping plays a crucial role in ensuring food security by facilitating the pollination of various crops, including fruits essential for human consumption. The presence of bees in ecosystems enhances crop productivity, leading to higher yields and improved quality, enhancing our goal towards farmer empowerment.” Martha Wanjiku, Akili Group Expert Agronomist

The benefits of the Zinga Project extend far beyond honey production for farmer empowerment. By involving the community in beekeeping activities, the project fosters a sense of ownership among farmers, empowering them to take charge of their livelihoods and futures.

The Zinga project exists, yes, for the farmer, with its benefits trickling into the environment through biodiversity restoration and conservation, climate change mitigation, and so much more. Ultimately, what is rooted in farmer empowerment, benefits the environment, and essentially, everyone at large in one way or another. 

The Zinga Project

Happy farmers receiving high-quality Langstroth beehives

This is a story of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment toward our mission as an organization: holistic farmer empowerment. It’s a story of farmers’ futures, reclaiming their destiny, communities rallying together in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow, and organizations committed to creating more sustainable communities.

“…a farmer shared with me the joy of transitioning from maize farming, which is deeply ingrained in their culture, yielding very little profit to embracing beekeeping, a venture that promises greater financial returns with little input.” Catherine Njoki, Community Support Officer

We are nothing short of excited for this new partnership that made the Zinga Project, and the potential it holds in changing the lives of farmer communities in rural Kenya. Even more, we are excited to keep you updated as we navigate this new partnership journey.