Kenya’s Growing Avocado Industry

Key Metrics

Current Global Market Value

> USD 20 Billion

Forecast Period Between 2023 to 2028 (CAGR)

 > 9%

Estimated Global Market Value by 2028

> USD 30 Billion

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Kenya claimed the sixth position among the world’s leading avocado producers

Favored for its creamy texture, rich flavor, and high nutritional value, avocados have become a staple in the Kenyan landscape, and across the globe. Due to the rise of ‘health conscious’ eating and holistic improvement, it’s little wonder the demand for avocados has surged in recent years. Kenya’s enviable tropical climate and geographical location allows the country to produce high quality avocados, positioning itself as one of the leading exporters of avocados in Africa to meet the world’s appetite for this green superfruit.

In 2021, Kenya’s avocado industry made a significant mark on the global stage. With nearly 26,000 hectares dedicated to avocado cultivation and a remarkable production volume of 417,000 metric tonnes, Kenya claimed the sixth position among the world’s leading avocado producers, according to FAO statistics.

These figures not only underscore the vast income potential within the avocado value chain but also promise substantial returns for investors and stakeholders.

million avocado trees to be planted


Challenges across the Value Chain

The major hurdles faced in this value chain are numerous, but not unmanageable

Pests & Diseases

Pests and diseases constantly slow down avocado production and compromise quality

Access to Quality Seedlings

Lack of access to high quality seedlings

Poor Infrastructure

Poor infrastructure coupled with low post harvesting practices

Lack of Funding

Lack of funding to invest in proper farming practices and tools

Unlocking Opportunities for Akili Communities Avocado Value Addition

Kenya’s avocado industry presents a compelling opportunity to drive positive change for smallholder farmers and savvy investors alike. Astonishingly, more than 70% of Kenyan avocados, including those earmarked for export, are currently cultivated by smallholder farmers who, due to limited market access, find themselves reliant on intermediaries, thus missing out on the full spectrum of value chain benefits. This situation leads to inadequate returns for their tireless efforts.

Through Akili’s visionary carbon-linked afforestation projects, we intend to plant over 2 million avocado trees, creating an expansive avocado orchard covering approximately 1,700 hectares, which will contribute to effectively sequestering greenhouse gasses.

To address market linkages for these communities, while tackling agronomy knowledge gaps and limited access to quality inputs, rural communities can benefit from job creation through nursery establishment and increased avocado sales.

Join Us in Cultivating a Greener Future for Smallholder Communities

The avocado value chain teems with untapped potential waiting to be harnessed. If unlocked, these opportunities offer smallholder farmers access to a profitable niche in a high-demand, low-supply market.

Venturing into the avocado value chain represents a viable and environmentally responsible choice with the promise of substantial returns and sustainable impact. Join us in seizing this extraordinary investment opportunity within Kenya’s thriving avocado industry. Together, we can cultivate success, empower communities and yield sustainable returns, while contributing to the global demand for this delicious fruit.