Akili Development Sacco

Akili Development Sacco bridges the gap of accessing capital for smalholder farmers


About Akili Development Sacco

Akili Development Sacco is a transformative cooperative that plays a pivotal role in supporting various value chain activities, including those associated with carbon offset initiatives and agriculture. Akili Development Sacco acts as a financial backbone, providing critical financing to Ambassadors, farmers, contracted nurseries, stockists, and others involved in agricultural value chains. These financial resources empower individuals and communities to actively participate in activities crucial for the success of these chains

Addressing the Financial Gap for Smallholder Farmers

Historically, access to finance has been a significant hurdle for smallholder farmers and individuals engaged in value chain activities. However, through Akili Development Sacco, this longstanding gap is being bridged. We are proud to offer our members access to loans with significantly lower interest rates compared to traditional banking institutions. This means that not only can communities grow their businesses, but they can do so with financial support that is both accessible and affordable.

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Akili Development Sacco is part of the Akili Group.

Our Range of Financial Support

Our cooperative’s financial support extends to various aspects of value chains:

  • Ambassador Empowerment: We provide financing for assets that enable community champions (called Ambassadors) linked to various Akili Projects to actively participate in monitoring, photography, and other essential activities within carbon offset value chains.
  • Farmers’ Assistance: We offer financial assistance to farmers for acquiring value chain-linked assets through their groups, such as beekeeping hives, which are essential for sustainable agricultural practices.




  • Contracted Nurseries: Our cooperative collaborates with contracted nurseries, ensuring a steady supply of vital resources for agricultural activities.
  • Stockist Loans: We provide stockists with the necessary financial backing to purchase products from Akili Foods, thereby facilitating the distribution and growth of agricultural value chains.

Our Commitment

A cornerstone for empowerment

Akili Development Sacco is not only a financial enabler but a cornerstone of empowerment for communities involved in agricultural value chains. Through this cooperative, we are actively working to reduce financial barriers, making it possible for individuals and communities to thrive in their business ventures while contributing to the sustainable development of our region.