The Biochar Project

The biochar project is a Transformative Initiative 


About the Biochar Project

Nestled within the endless green of Mt Kenya region, home to over 300,000 diligent farmers till the, a potential Biochar project has set its sights on addressing the challenges posed by degraded soils.

Our envisioned approach is to harness the remedial capabilities of biochar – a remarkable soil amendment . By adding biochar into the soils in the Mt. Kenya region, we aim to enhance nutrient availability and fertility, while contributing to carbon offset efforts


Why It Matters

Small scale farmers in rural Kenya largely rely on agriculture for their bread and butter. However, today’s soils are degraded due to conventional practices such as overtilling, monoculture and use of harmful chemicals, factors that are further exacerbated  by climate change. The climate and the soil lack the ability to support healthy crop production, and in turn, a farmers’ means of survival. 


We are proud to partner with EcoAct in the realization of this vital project for the empowerment of an entire rural community.

A Transformative Initiative

The Biochar project is a transformative initiative which is designed to solve this problem. By harnessing the power of biochar, we aim to draw carbon out of the atmosphere to enrich the soil. The impact will be experienced at different levels, through a gradual reduction in the presence of climate causing carbon in the atmosphere, but also aiding small-scale farmers to experience higher crop yields, and improved livelihoods.


Our Commitment

Community Support

Our purpose is to empower a community so that the impact is felt long term. This is why Akili will work in and with communities for knowledge and skill transfer through agronomy training. The community will also be encouraged to lead Community Driven Projects for the creation of jobs and overall sustenance of the project.