Value Addition Project

Akili Foods stands as a dynamic project within the framework of Akili Group 


About Akili Foods

Akili Foods stands as a dynamic project within the framework of Akili Group. Our mission is to harness the abundant natural herbs within our reach and add value to them for local consumers.  

Akili’s products are homegrown in partnership with local farmers, primarily in the Central highlands of Kirinyaga, for market access and community empowerment. Through a process of meticulous value addition, we transform various natural products into premium goods, tailor-made for sale within local markets.


Akili Foods works in partnership with skilled local farmers to help bring nourishing food products to kenyan tables for the holistic improvement of a nation.

Data Highlight

Since 2010, we have worked with approximately over 700 farmers across various value chains such as milk, moringa, hibiscus, stinging nettle and coffee to mention a few.

Our Commitment

Comprehensive Training

The empowerment of a community is a multifaceted arena with various complementary aspects. A community can only succeed in a competitive market if equipped with the knowledge and skill to do so. Akili is committed to training contracted farmers in the production of quality produce, for the well being of their bread and butter, and for the nourishment of customers.