The Akili Group

Akili’s business model addresses all the components in a value chain to address inefficiency, production accountability, economies of scale, credit (funding) and facilitate value addition. Each of the components is coordinated by a specialized social venture that works with or through communities, namely:

Akili Technologies

Akili Technologies develops and maintains the Akili eT, our software platform for value chain management. Akili Technologies also supports community based organizations install and operate the MIFOS platform, a shareware cooperative management system developed by the Grameen Foundation. Read more

Akili Development Sacco

Akili Development Sacco (ADS) is a value chain supportive cooperative that funds the establishment of value chains. Read More

Akili Foods

Through Akili Foods Ltd we process (add value) products for sale as finished goods, and also semi-process vegetables and grains for export.

Akili Development Organization

Through Akili Development Organization (ADO), we organize communities into accountable units, provide capacity building and coordinate extension services.
Through ADO we also provide consultancy services in the development of  last mile; carbon offset services. We also consult with organizations supporting value chain development programmes in rural areas. Visit Website