Akili Group has embarked on an exciting new venture, joining forces with Holland Greentech, a branch of the renowned South African company, Rijk Zwaan, specializing in top-notch organic horticultural seeds. This dynamic partnership is dedicated to cultivating high-quality tomato and cabbage seedlings, taking agricultural innovation to new heights.

In this collaborative effort, Holland Greentech brings to the table premium, tomato and cabbage seeds, while Akili Group, the implementers, take the reins in sowing and nurturing these seeds into thriving seedlings.

The partnership was inaugurated by a pilot crop rollout in which Holland Greentech high-yielding, disease resistant, hybrid seeds, were grown in combination with Akili biochar, nutrient-rich manure, and Akili water retainers. The result? Nutrient-dense, robust tomato, and cabbage seedlings! 

Akili Group tomato seedlings

Thriving Organic Tomato Seedlings

The cabbage heads boast an impressive weight of up to 3.5 kgs!

The tomato seedlings have grown to staggering heights, displaying the promise of robust, high tomato yields for any farmer. 

A single seedling tray has the potential to yield up to 200 robust seedlings, selling at 2/- only, and their superior quality guarantees a high survival rate, creating fertile grounds for farmers to cultivate profitable yields. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, offering an affordable and sustainable solution for farmers seeking optimal returns.

Tomato farming

Akili Expert Agronomist, Martha Wanjiku, overseeing the proper care of our tomato seedlings

“We are excited to collaborate with Holland Green Tech  through this partnership, in which our aim is to deliver a quality hybrid of horticultural and vegetables to our farmers. We are working with both greenhouse and open field crops. Currently we have two tomato varieties –  Gammar and Jarrah are both high yielding varieties and Tacoma variety for cabbage. The hybrids are pest and disease resistant.”

– Martha Wanjiru, Akili Group Agronomist

Buoyed by the triumph of our initial partnership phase, we’re now gearing up for the next exciting chapter: the establishment of farmer-owned demo farms! To kickstart this endeavor, we’re empowering five chosen farmers with sets of healthy seedlings for planting in their farms. These farms will serve as Akili demonstration sites, welcoming fellow farmers from neighboring regions to witness our innovative practices.

Akili Group Cabbage Farming

A field of thriving cabbages
Photo Credits: Pexels

Our selected farmers hail from four distinct regions: Nyeri, Laikipia, Nyandarua, and Kirinyaga, bringing a diverse range of agricultural perspectives into our growing community, i.e climate, difference in soils, etc. 

Not just limited to tomatoes and cabbages, Holland Greentech also excels in the distribution of various horticultural crops, including cucumbers, capsicum, broccoli, and hot peppers. These are other crops that we hope to include in the future as well, as our partnership with Holland Greentech broadens. 

The horizon of possibilities in sustainable agriculture is expanding, and Akili Group is at the forefront, cultivating success from seed to harvest, and empowering communities far and wide.

Become a part of this journey of growth and innovation by calling us today at 07043095577. Your story of success is only a call away!