Hibiscus Tea


Akili Foods Hibiscus Tea

Akili Foods hibiscus tea is a luxurious herbal infusion crafted from premium-grade dried hibiscus petals, offering a rich taste profile characterized by a tangy flavor, accompanied by subtle floral and fruity notes. The superior quality ensures a vibrant, ruby-red hue and a well-balanced brew that delights the senses. Sipped hot or cold, this hibiscus tea delivers a refreshing and indulgent experience, embodying the essence of fine craftsmanship and exceptional taste



Product Information 
Hibiscus tea is incredibly rich in vitamins and other beneficial nutrients that may help support skin, heart (reduce high blood pressure), and liver health. Additionally, studies suggest that the benefits of hibiscus tea include lowering bad cholesterol in the body, aiding in weight management and weight loss. Of course, like any other herbal tea, its rich antioxidant profile gives this tea the ability to fight inflammation, i.e prevent and combat diseases. 

How To Make Hibiscus Tea 
Here are a few steps to make a delicious hibiscus tea recipe:

  1. Add a tea bag to a hot cup of water and let it steep for a while.
  2. Boil a tea bag or two (depending on the number of cups you’d like) for at least five minutes, then let it steep for five more minutes. Steeping allows the nutrients to leach into the water.
  3. Add honey or lemon juice for taste. 



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